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TCUK was founded in 1899 as the Actor's Church Union and through its network of theatre chaplains now provides pastoral and practical support for people of all faiths and none: onstage, offstage, back-stage and Front of House.

We have a very firm policy that we're there to support, not convert, we're for people of all faiths and none.
Lindsay Meader, Senior Chaplain
Theatre Chaplains at St Paul's Covent Garden

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The TCUK Prayer

Creator God, Source of all life,
From you comes the inspiration and the talent to create.
Encourage those who seek through the performing arts
To portray faithfully the struggles, hopes, tears and laughter of life's journey.
Inspire them by your Spirit;
Give them humility in success and hidden reserves when the going is tough.
Bless all who work in the sacred spaces of stage and studio,
That their craft may be a source of healing, hope and unity in our broken world.

Beatitudes For The Theatre Industry - read by Janie Dee


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Theatre Chaplains at St Paul's Covent Garden

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